March 11, 2023

Selling a House with Storm Damage [Sell Fast after Natural Disasters]

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Selling a House with Storm Damage

selling house with storm damage

Natural disasters such as storms, super typhoons, and hurricanes can severely damage our properties no matter how much we prepare. These massive structural defects are either irreparable or too costly to fix, so many homeowners resort to selling their property. But can you sell a storm-damaged house fast?

Selling a house with storm damage is suggested if the issues are structural and repairing them would cost more than the home's market value. To sell a storm-damaged home fast, ask for a cash offer from an investor or cash buyer. These off-market potential buyers close as fast as seven days and they purchase properties as-is. In other words, they won't ask you to make any repairs

To learn more about dealing with a storm-damaged property, check out the rest of this blog! We cover your main options when selling, tips for selling fast, and all other nitty gritty details you might find helpful.

Common Home Damages Caused by Storms

common home damages caused by storms

According to the Congressional Budget Office, storm damages cause an average of $34 billion in household losses every year. These property losses are often a combination of small and irreparable damages.

Roof Damage

Roof damage is perhaps the most common problem a homeowner faces after a storm. Since a storm brings about strong and harsh winds, you may lose some shingles on your roof and water can seep in. In worst cases, your roof may get blown off, leaving your house with no protection.

In general, minor roof repairs and other damage caused by missing shingles can incur $800 to $950. But if your roof needs to be replaced, expect to spend between $5,000 and $10,000. Note that this will also depend on the size of your house. Check with your insurance company if they are willing to compensate you for this expensive repair.

Siding Damage

Similar to your roof, your home's siding can also be extremely damaged due to hails or strong winds brought about by a storm. Specifically, your siding may crack or get ripped off

Since sidings offer great protection from outside elements, failing to repair it can cause risks to the home's insulation. It may also cause insect infestation and water damage.

Usually, siding repairs can range from $200 to $1,100 depending on the extent of damage, material, and location.

Gutter Damage

The gutters around your house catch rainwater and redirect it to protect your home's foundation. If water seeps in, your foundation will crack overtime, and your house will have framing issues, as well as problems with windows and doors.

It is crucial to address gutter damage to prevent all possible water damage. Generally, fixing minor gutter damage can incur $200 to $500. But if you have to replace every gutter, it may cost you up to $3,000.

does storm damage devalue a house

Window and Door Damage

If the storm is accompanied by strong winds, it can move or twist your windows. But in the worst cases, your windows may crack or even shatter. This is also true if you have a glass door.

Further, water may seep into your doors and you may find it difficult to close them. Dealing with repairs for storm-damaged windows and doors (including water damage) can range from $50 to $1,500+.

Does Storm Damage Devalue a House?

Yes. Storm damages can devalue a house, especially if the repairs needed are structural, like roof replacement and foundation issues.

Moreover, if the area where your house stands is discovered to be at high risk of natural disasters, you can also expect a massive dip in your home's market value. This means that your house can't be sold for profit should you decide to put it on sale.

Does Insurance Compensate for Storm Damage?

does insurance compensate for storm damage

While technically, your home insurance should cover storm damage repairs and protect you from the cost of repairs, most homeowners find that asking for compensation for major damages is difficult.

This is to be expected since many insurance companies don't want to be at a loss when paying money for high-cost claims.

A lot of disputes between homeowners and insurance companies are based on whether the severe damage is really caused by a storm or it has existed before.

In many cases, insurance companies win these disputes leaving most homeowners without funding for repairs. This is one of the major reasons they opt for a house sale and assume the role of a house seller.

Can You Sell a Storm Damaged Home?

can you sell a storm damaged home

Yes. You can sell a storm-damaged home; however, expect that when you list on the real estate market, the sale can take longer than usual. This is because most prospective buyers are nervous about moving into houses that have been recently hit by a natural disaster. 

Moreover, selling as-is on the market can already take a while; what more if the damages are due to a storm. Most retail buyers will not be able to get a loan due to lender required repairs.

Your best bet as a seller of a storm damaged property is a cash buyer. They offer cash and won't ask you for repairs. We'll discuss this further in this blog.

What to Do Before Selling a Storm Damaged Home

what to do before selling a storm damaged home

If you plan to sell a storm-damaged home, it is wise to conduct a pre-sale inspection to gauge the damages, decide whether to make repairs or sell as-is, and set a reasonable selling price.

Conduct a Pre-Sale Home Inspection

Conducting a pre-sale home inspection when your house is hit by a storm prevents the risks of a sale from falling through. 

When you do an inspection, you will have a list of repairs needed (not just the ones visible to your eyes) and you can work on them before putting the house for sale. This means when your buyer has your house inspected, you won't be greeted by negative surprises.

Moreover, this list will also help you as the seller to set an accurate selling price or determine whether you should sell your home as-is.

Decide Whether to Make Repairs

Once you have learned about all the repairs needed through the pre-inspection, you have a major decision to make— whether to make all the repairs through the help of a licensed contractor or sell your home as-is.

If the damages are minor, you may want to repair them and sell your property through real estate agents. Meanwhile, if major repairs are needed for your house and you cannot afford them, your only option would be to sell without making repairs. This is also true for houses that are rendered uninhabitable by natural disasters.

Should you decide to make repairs, focus on fixing damages that will add value to your property.

Determine a Reasonable Sales Price

It will be difficult to sell for a profit if your property has major storm damage. In other words, you cannot set a very high selling price. Doing so would scare prospective buyers away. You have to discount the damages to ensure that the asking price is reasonable.

Ideally, you should run comps or comparative market analysison property prices in your area. Once your property value is determined, you then subtract the costs of potential repairs if you are planning to sell as-is.

Options When Selling a Damaged House

options when selling a damaged house

Similar to selling other fixer-upper houses, you have three options— sell to a cash buyer, sell with a real estate agent, and sell via an auctioneer. Let's look closely at your options to help you decide which is ideal for the current state of your property.

Sell Storm Damaged Home to Cash Buyers and Real Estate Investors

Ultimately, selling to a cash buyer and real estate investor is the easiest and fastest way to get rid of damaged property. That's why they are preferred by many sellers.

These off-market buyers give offers in less than 48 hours and they close in as fast as seven days. This is advantageous if your house is uninhabitable and you need funds to immediately move to a new dwelling.

Another great thing about dealing with cash buyers and real estate investors is that they purchase storm-damaged houses as-is. Although you can also sell as-is on the local market, the selling process is faster when you transact with an experienced cash buyer.

Moreover, there is more certainty when sellers transact with a cash buyer. Depending on the amount of damage, most retail buyers will not be able to get a mortgage. Cash buyers don't need a lean, and they'll do all the hard work required to fix any massive defects.

The selling process when you transact with a cash buyer is simple. You just have to call them or fill out a form to get a cash offer, review the contract, and sign to close the deal. You can expect your money in your bank account on the closing day you choose. In most cases, they will visit the house they're buying to make a more accurate offer.

Sell Storm Damaged House With a Real Estate Agent

You may also work with a real estate agent who has experience selling damaged houses. These licensed professionals are knowledgeable in every aspect of a property sale, from helping sellers to set an appealing price to staging, listing, marketing, and negotiating an offer with potential buyers. However, real estate agents charge a 6% commission fee.

If you plan to sell with a real estate agent, you should expect that the sale can take months or even years, especially if you sell your storm-damaged home as-is. Real estate agents list properties on the MLS and most prospective buyers want houses they can readily move into.

Sell Storm Damaged Home via an Auctioneer

A property auctioneer, as the name suggests, runs a real estate business by selling severely damaged houses through an auction. They'll prepare an auction catalog containing your property's details and make advertisements to encourage more bids, similar to how real estate agents do marketing.

When selling a house through a property auctioneer, you need to set a minimum selling price. If your house did not receive bids higher than what you set, your house would be sold at the minimum. 

Property auctions staged by an auctioneer may happen online or in-person. Of course, the highest bidder would get the deal.

Final Thoughts: Selling a House with Storm Damage

It is possible for a storm damaged property to incur repair expenses that are higher than its local market value. If this is the case, selling the house as-is is much more favorable than fixing it.

While selling a storm-damaged property through real estate experts is the common path taken by many, asking for a cash offer is still the fastest and most stress free option. 

If you are ready to sell your storm-damaged house to a cash buyer, reach us here at Sell My House Fast. We'll buy your property as-is so you can skip the physical and financial burden of making major repairs.

Fill out our form below or call us at (844) 207-0788 to start selling your house with storm damage.

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